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Small Scale Urban Farm – S…

Small Scale Urban Farm –

Summer fun under Tomato and Corn Shade July 2018. Living in the concrete jungle and running the daily rate race can really beet a person down. 

Vertical Farming Cost Model: My Budget | The U…

Vertical Farming Cost Model: My Budget | The Urban Vertical Farming Project

how much does vertical farming cost how much does a vertical farm costI ran a vertical hydroponics farm for a year and I want to share exactly what I bought and how much it cost. In this post I want to:

  • Summarize my vertical farming journey
  • Show you exactly what I spent my money on
  • Give you a model to estimate costs for your farm

My Vertical Farming Conclusions

My farm, Rosemont, began when I converted a 128 sq foot garage into a hydroponic farm selling nursery…

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2018 Arlington/Alexandria Urban Agriculture Sy…

2018 Arlington/Alexandria Urban Agriculture Symposium | Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia


Registration is now open!

2018 AAUA SymposiumOctober 5, 2018 8:30am – 3:30 pm
4000 Lorcom Lane Arlington VA 22204

The 2018 Arlington/Alexandria Urban Agriculture Symposium is now OPEN for registration.

A day of fun, food, and learning on topics ranging from urban agriculture policy and innovation to vertical gardening, inside and roof top far….

Source: 2018 Arlington/Alexandria Urban…

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Glorious beans – urbanlot619

Glorious beans – urbanlot619

The beans are finally here in good quantities. It is still warm, but the blistering heat is no more. The humidex is still high (34 today), but I dont think the plants can “feel” the heat.

My favorite tomatoes this year are the lemon drop (a real potato leaf yellow cherry) and the German Striped (a real heirlo…..

Source: Glorious beans – urbanlot619

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Urban agriculture – The CABI Blog

Urban agriculture – The CABI Blog

By Ellen Baker

hydroponicsUrban farming has been on a steady increase for many years now as space for agriculture creeps closer to cities and consumers look to reconnect with what they eat. As well as appealing to the health and environmentally conscious market, these systems often seek to achieve community benefits; providing opportunities and education for disadvantaged and minority groups. The size…

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The world’s first floating dairy farm is under…

The world’s first floating dairy farm is under construction in Rotterdam — Quartz

By Lila MacLellan


Now under construction: a triple-decker dairy farm on water.In the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, near the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas river, a dairy farm is rising. It’s part of the growing trend of urban agriculture, which has put crops on city rooftops and industrial warehouses 

The Rotterdam development goes a step further, however. It’s floating on…

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Too many tomatoes – Louise-in-Btween: Embracin…

Too many tomatoes – Louise-in-Btween: Embracing the Day

img_3695Can there be such a thing as too many tomatoes? This year. In our garden. Yes.

But we’ve risen to the challenge! Here are four things we are doing with our abundant urban crop:

Marinara sauce. We’ve cooked and frozen 20 portions (each portion serves two hungry adults) of marinara sauce, and we’ll do more. We use a ton of this stuff throughout the year. This sauce is delicious over pasta,…

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Veggie garden update and busy ladybirds – Livi…

Veggie garden update and busy ladybirds – Living Sustainably in Unit 3


IMG_2094While I was out at the veggie garden this morning doing some day to day maintenance, I was confronted by a bit of a moral dilemma that only a gardener will come across. [Very] mild adult (beetle?) themes within this post but mostly funnies and pictures of plants!

I had to do a bit of garden maintenance this morning. The tomatoes were all over the place, the sunflowers were…

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Urban Farming: A Dirty, Green And Profitable B…

GothamGreensBy Carol Therese Young

Urban farming is a dirty business every American can love even as they read of unsavory practices by banking and business women and men.

Urban farming entrepreneurs soil their hands every day; nevertheless, they’re green, community-driven, energy-sound, socially responsible, ecologically sustainable and also traditional, civic-minded, profitable, conservative, and…

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Seed saving [Pumpkin/cucurbits] – Living Susta…

Seed saving [Pumpkin/cucurbits] – Living Sustainably in Unit 3


IMG_1821Seed saving is a great way of ensuring you can keep planting a successful variety or heirloom varieties, year after year! Pumpkins have one of the easiest seeds to save. 

A couple of months ago, one of my friends gave me a giant pumpkin. This pumpkin lived on my bench until a week ago (decent shelf life!), when I decided to crack it open for dinner. It was pretty tasty so I…

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