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Plant fall vegetables –…

Plant fall vegetables –

Fall is coming and it’s time to plant cool weather vegetable plants. I had bought a few vegetable seeds, planted them, but they didn’t survive the butterflies and moths that laid their eggs.

September Salads – Taking Flight

September Salads – Taking Flight

Growing my own produce has been a huge learning curve. I’m a perfectionist, so I have a very clear idea in my head of what the ‘ideal’ vegetable garden should look like. Needless to say, those perfect rows of crops (all ready to harvest at appropriate intervals) remain completely imaginary! 

In reality, my garden is a mix of this and that all over the place. There are calendulas self-seeding in…

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On the Cusp of Autumn – lovely and grateful B…

On the Cusp of Autumn – lovely and grateful

By lovelyandgrateful It’s still warm in the sunshine, but there’s a crisp coolness creeping into the mornings and evenings, and it feels like summer is waning and we are on the cusp of another autumn.

Fertilizer destroys plant microbiome’s ability…

Fertilizer destroys plant microbiome’s ability to protect against disease | Berkeley News

By Robert Sanders

tomato plants

A growth chamber packed with tomato plants sprayed with bacteria to simulate different leaf microbiomes and then challenged with a plant pathogen to measure how well the microbiomes protect the plant from disease. (Britt Koskella photo)

A new study of the role microbial communities play on the leaves of plants suggests that fertilizing crops may make them more…

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The role of earthworms in sustainable agricult…

The role of earthworms in sustainable agriculture – The Plantwise Blog

From Donna Hutchinson

By Jaswinder Singh

24878004088_142ead1ba0_kGreek philosopher Aristotle described earthworms as the ‘intestines of the earth’. (Photo credit: USDA, Flickr)

Sustainable agriculture means the production of food from plants or animals using different agricultural techniques that protect communities, the environment, and animal welfare. The extensive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to…

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Soul Food – Living on the Diagonal

Soul Food – Living on the Diagonal


Since the Gnome and I took up gardening in a serious way, food has sort of taken over my life. It all starts in January when I sit down with the tall stack of seed catalogs that have been filling my box for the last month or so.

The pictures alone make me drool. The exotic new vegetables, the colorful ones, and especially bean seeds capture my imagination. In truth,…

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The easiest quick fix fertilizer for your gard…

The easiest quick fix fertilizer for your garden. – Life, Garden & Hapkido

by lifegardenlandscapes

agriculture basket beets bokehPhoto by Pixabay on

So yesterday I transplanted a bunch of herbs from one side of the yard into a new space that will be my family’s new herb garden. After doing so, I noticed many of the plants went into a bit of a shock and started wilting throughout the d….

Source: The easiest quick fix fertilizer for your garden. – Life, Garden & Hapkido

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Trial and Error – Theo Gardening

Trial and Error – Theo Gardening

Gardening, though fun and relaxing, can be super frustrating at times. Dealing with pests, growth issues, and heat / drought issues can be discouraging to any gardener. Lately here in Texas, it has been crazy hot so my tomatoes and tomatillos are not setting fruit. However, my TAM jalapeno is thriving and has started producing some cute little peppers over the past week!

20180805_200410 (1)

diatomaceous earth…

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First Garden: In the SOIL – Kinda Crunchy

First Garden: In the SOIL – Kinda Crunchy


When I was growing up, we had a small summer garden, but we did not compost. I enjoyed helping my dad till the field, make rows, plant seeds, and care for the plants. He fed them miracle grow and we received a ginormous and beautiful harvest. There was nothing better than the summer squash and zucchini that cam…..

Source: First Garden: In the SOIL – Kinda Crunchy

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Survivors: Six Tomato Plants and Me | blooming…

I bought six heirloom tomato plants at the beginning of May. This was at least two weeks before the last expected frost in our area. Real vine-ripened in-season tomatoes are so delicious that unless you have had one, you have never really tasted a tomato. The tomatoes sold in grocery stores today are shadows of real tomatoes.

The tomatoes from my childhood came out of a brown paper bag. They were…

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