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Growing up as farmers and processing our own p…

Growing up as farmers and processing our own pork – Bellfern Homestead


“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly first.” -Joel Salatin

Whenever Josh and I tell someone that we live on a farm, the polite followup question is inevitably “what do you raise?” I think most people are hoping we’ll say tomatoes, but “pork and chicken,” is what we say. “Raised on grass, organic feed, happy and frolicking, that sort of thing.” The next question–usually tinged with…

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September Chicken update – Lucky Feather Farm …

September Chicken update – Lucky Feather Farm

Our orpington hen was in bad shape when we got her. If you don’t know over crowding and too many roosters can lead to problems.

September – A new herb garden | No Rhyme or Re…

September – A new herb garden | No Rhyme or Reason Farm

By Jeanne at No Rhyme or Reason Farm

It filled in nicely and gave us lots of fresh herbs this summer. Now I wonder which ones will winter over.
I can never have enough garden space.  And, we had a problem hillside that I just couldn’t  tame.  A new garden seemed like the perfect solution; but nothing is ever easy.  We planned a retaining wall made of landscape ties, some landscape fabric to…

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Big Boy Toys! – The Homesteaders Wife

Big Boy Toys! – The Homesteaders Wife

By Scarlett Homestead  


A while back we decided we needed some help. Which we still do, in many ways, but I’m talking about the heavy machinery kind of help. Tackling manual labor jobs by hand or with small equipment was not something that was feasible for the long haul.

We needed to clear more brush, move trees, pull stumps, do grading, and on and on. So with the help of some family friends,…

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Farm life heartbreak – American Homestead Co

Farm life heartbreak – American Homestead Co

By Danielle

Today I had to experience first hand death of a farm animal.

What started as an ordinary day quickly went very wrong. One of our Nigerian dwarf goats was suffering from urinary calculi. It was immediate and sudden. He was suffering and in excruciating pain. As the day went on his suffering continued.

My husband works long hours leaving me to make big decisions alone sometimes.


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Our First Chickens – Lucky Feather Farm

Our First Chickens – Lucky Feather Farm

I have been wanting chickens for years. I’ve been researching and pinning things about chickens on Pintrest. But we weren’t in a position to actually get chickens. My husband didn’t really seem on board with the idea either. I have no clue what changed his mind but one day he told me he found an ad for silkie chicks on Craigslist and that he wanted them.

Now, keep in mind we live in the city and…

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Are You Composting Yet? – Diana’s Wildcrafted …

Are You Composting Yet? – Diana’s Wildcrafted Life

agriculture backyard blur close upDirt. We love to get our hands in it, plant seeds in it, drive 4-wheel trucks through it.

How about making your own? That’s right, make your own dirt.

It’s so much easier than you think, and you won’t need a fancy container either, unless that’s your motivation to get started.

  1. Placement: Select a spot in your yard (unless you’re using a container, then it can sit on concrete, etc) where you’ll…

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Garden Chickens – I Love To Go A Gardening by…

Garden Chickens – I Love To Go A Gardening

by TJ EJ and I had a very quiet weekend. He was going to go to a gun show with his friend on Saturday, mostly just to hang out.

Battling Fruit Flies – Wingin’ It Acre

Battling Fruit Flies – Wingin’ It Acre

I don’t know if it’s breeding season for fruit flies or what, but my house is being over run by these annoying things. I’m blaming the bananas!!

I decided to start researching ways to get rid of these things. Google had a ton of information, some things I never needed to know. I’m going to share so that I’m not alone in my fruit fly knowledge. Ready??

Apparently, fruit flies have awesome…

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Direct Composting – nannygrannie

Direct Composting – nannygrannie


Ok I am oddly excited to write this post!!! Am I the only one who gets giddy over burying food scraps? I have been researching direct composting for a few months now and am dying to give it a try. Next I have to convince my fiancé (yes we got ENGAGED!) that the squirrels and bears won’t dig it up.

We have an old ice cream tub on our counter that we col….

Source: Dire…

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