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ODPG Workshops : Helping You Get the Best from…

ODPG Workshops : Helping You Get the Best from Your Organic Farm – Organic Dairy & Pastoral Group

There are some really useful ODPG workshops coming up, designed to help you get your farm working to its full potential.

On-Farm Assessment is invaluable for those seeking to constantly improve the way their farm works to achieve the best results.
We’ve worked hard to come up with a programme that will look at all tools available to the farmer for assessing their…

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Wormy Wiggles and Bokashi Bliss – Jen’s Hens a…

Wormy Wiggles and Bokashi Bliss – Jen’s Hens and a Few Other Things


20180512_110612_resizedIn this day and age, we should be reaching saturation fatigue on how much plastic pollution and recycling is talked about, blogged about, vlogged about and pretty much cyber-bashed over our head with awareness campaigns. Between plastics pollution and and rhino conservation, I’m not getting much info on people’s personal life-space in my newsfeed.

I love the campaigns, and I…

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Food Waste – Point Source

Food Waste – Point Source

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 4.52.33 PMPaulo Vecina / The National [left]

As I am working my way through September and attempting to produce as little waste as possible (see here for more info), I continued to think about the fact that food can take decades to break down in capped landfills.

Around 40% of food in America is wasted. Yet, according to the NRDC, around 1 in 8 families struggle to put enough food on the table. 

Food waste…

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HOME LIFE: the urban composter – where i am

HOME LIFE: the urban composter – where i am

I am becoming increasingly aware of the waste I produce both inside and out of my home.  Everything seems to come wrapped up in layers and layers of plastic only to be collected in more plastic and taken to landfill.

I’ve been working to reduce what waste I contribute and have been reevaluating aspects of my life.  My biggest concern was throwing out food scraps that could be composted.  The…

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Vermicompost Problems Pt 3 – Kinda Crunchy By…

Vermicompost Problems Pt 3 – Kinda Crunchy

By sheskindacruncy This week noticed tiny white insects climbing on some of their crookneck squash.  “Really?! What now?” After taking a video of them (will add once uploaded), I did some research, tossed the squash pieces that seemed too big, and started pulling out any food that looked too large, untouched and old.

Stacking Functions in Permaculture – a short e…

Stacking Functions in Permaculture – a short example | growingarden

In Permaculture practice often ‘Stacking Functions’ is something one hears from time-to-time, here is a very brief example of Stacking something to form more than one function or purpose …

Today I got hold of dried Cordyline Leaves and I can tell from past experience that once composted, you should get a very nice textured compost that has good structure (with the only downside being time of…

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Growing my own food and growing as a person – …

Growing my own food and growing as a person – WASTE CHRONICLE

IMG-20180802-WA0034At the launch of OFYT’s website at Mydreamgarden in Bengaluru recently. OTG veteran Dr Vishwanath Narayan (third from right) shares nuggets of wisdom on growing one’s own food.

By Vani Murthy

Nearly 10 years ago, I visited a landfill, saw the destruction citizens like me left behind somewhere on the outskirts of the city that wreaked havoc on the people living around. This experience changed the…

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Must Bee Kiddin’ Farm Head of Composting…

Must Bee Kiddin’ Farm Head of Composting, Henny Penny. #farm #farmlife #farmpics #chicken #freerangechicken #compost #blacksoldierfly #permaculture

A starter’s guide to composting – Repeat One, …

A starter’s guide to composting – Repeat One, Repeat All


Composting is an integral part of a zero waste lifestyle and it is something that you shouldn’t be afraid of. Fortunately for us living in Barcelona there is a collection of “organic trash” that is composted by the government. It’s already built into the recycling model.

But if you live in other countries it’s highly likely that you will have to take some proactive steps to do…

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Compost Update – The Drunken Butcher

Compost Update – The Drunken Butcher



We started composting a little over a month ago and we have already filled up our first bin so now we are waiting for it all to decompose. Once it is all ready to go, it will go into our vegetable garden that we will be starting and our flower beds. Compost is a great additive to soil and many call it “black gold.”

We rotate and water down our mix at least once a week.…

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