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Common Uses For Finished Compost – Knowledge T…

Common Uses For Finished Compost – Knowledge Through Articles


Once you’ve put in some of the hard work in learning how to compost and waited for the right amount of time you’ll have your finished compost material. So, what will you do with it now? Well, there are several great uses outside of simply laying it down on top of your flower beds. Some of these are practical daily uses while others are a bit more specialized.


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Compost fearlessly! – The Law Farm

Compost fearlessly! – The Law Farm


This week’s blog post is in honor of the Truly Living Well’s Soil Festival, held every May.  This year was the fourth year of the event, and along with the opportunity to meet other soil-centric folks and learn about healthy soils, nutrition, and local food production, there was a big buzz around composting.  Composting comes in many shapes, sizes, and processes with the aim…

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Composting – Aidan’s Nature

Composting – Aidan’s Nature


When composting it is important to start off with the correct ingredients. You want to have a wide range of different ingredients.

You need to have 4 ingredients to create perfect compost-

  • Brown Matter (Leaves, cardboard etc.…)
  • Green Matter (Food Scraps, grass cutting etc.…)
  • Air
  • Water

It is very important to have a good ratio of each of the ingredients. You want to have an equal…

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Worm bin notes. | Unit-13 FREMSLT

Worm bin notes. | Unit-13 FREMSLT

After polluting the bins with broccoli I decided to document the clean up on video. Not all of it as the video is an afterthought. A few days have past and the clean up is working. Worms are moving throughout the bin and working. Looks like it’s mostly in the video. -13

Source: Worm bin notes. | Unit-13 FREMSLT

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Soil Science and Compost – Gulf Coast Gardenin…

Soil Science and Compost – Gulf Coast Gardening

Source: Soil Science and Compost – Gulf Coast Gardening

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Ranch life update: the garden – Adventure year…

Ranch life update: the garden – Adventure year, turned adventure life

Good morning! While winter was a time of planning, and resting, spring however, has been off to a busy start!

Throwback Gardening: Timeless Practices | Roan…

Throwback Gardening: Timeless Practices | Roanoke Landscapes

By ROANOKELANDSCAPES In this day and age, new technologies are changing the way that people garden and digitizing plant science. There are cellphone apps that can instantly identify plants, help you plot, figure out your soil pH, and keep track of watering schedules for you. There are also highly sophisticated irrigation systems, mowers, and even planting pots on the market—but all of these…

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Trespassers will be composted – Allotted Time

Trespassers will be composted – Allotted Time

  Last night I did a bit of calculating, and planned out the majority of my allotment plan for the year on Vegplotter. It wasn’t completely accurate ( some of my plants aren’t actually available on there and my estimates of the size of things is occasionally a bit out) but it’s a good vague plan of my intentions. Today we went down to the allotment in the afternoon for a few hours. In terms of…

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La Vy En Rose – Be The Change: One Change to R…

La Vy En Rose – Be The Change: One Change to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Bring Life Back Into The Soil – La Vy En Rose

In celebration of Earth Month, each Monday I’m sharing on the blog some things I’ve been doing in our household to help protect and heal this planet that we all share.  I’m a big believer that small changes being done by a large amount of people can make a big impact, so whether you choose to adopt one, all, or even more of these changes, our planet thanks you! When we grow fruits and vegetables…

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What is bokashi? – BokashiWorld

What is bokashi? – BokashiWorld


Bokashi is a great way of making rich, living soil out of everyday food waste. There are other types of bokashi used in other applications auch as agriculture, it’s a broad concept. But it always involves EM microbes, fermentation and organic material.
Our focus here on this blog is on food and organic wast…

Source: What is bokashi? – BokashiWorld

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