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A look back at 2018:Climate change leaves its …

A look back at 2018:Climate change leaves its mark | Farmer John’s Organic Foods

The growing season is finished here at Farmer John’s, and overall it was a good year — several crops had record-breaking production.  But I also had more than the usual number of crop failures, some of them with crops that have been reliable staples in past years — like broccolini. squash, corn, and cucumbers. As I look back at the records I keep, there’s a theme that passes through all of it —…

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The future of food: droughts, wrecked crops, a…

The future of food: droughts, wrecked crops, and empty plates | Grist

Farmers demonstrate in Washington D.C. during the Farm Crisis in 1984.    Getty / Bettmann [LEFT]


More droughts. More punishingly hot days killing farm workers and livestock. More allergen-spewing weeds. More crop-wrecking storms. And ultimately, more hunger.

According to the recently released National Climate Assessment, global warming is already making…

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Posted by: atowhee 

Every four years American government scientists are supposed to issue an assessment of climate change and its effects.  This one is a doozy.  Here’s National Geographic’s summary:

We birders all know how birds are adjusting their wintering range, their breeding range, even their migrations.…

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Speaking Plainly to Save The Planet

Speaking Plainly to Save The Planet

By Alice Cunningham

….However, in all of this, we have so far failed to address a fundamental challenge with the general public.  Those of us who work in sustainability – whether in policy, sciences or practical applications, like renewable energy and agriculture – too often fail to communicate exactly how people can join the fight. We talk about carbon neutrality,  greenhouse gas emissions…

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Climate change could make flatback turtle popu…

Climate change could make flatback turtle population be born all female or die out, scientist warns – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

By Jane Bardon
A man holds a turtle in the Northern Territory.PHOTO: A temperature rise to 33 or 34 degrees could be lethal to turtles (ABC News: Jane Bardon)

The members of one of the Northern Territory’s largest flatback turtle populations could all be born female in less than 15 years if rising temperatures continue unabated, a leading Australian turtle scientist says.

Key points:

  • Warming sands are causing fewer male turtles to be…

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Tai Tokerau Climate Change Project Regenerativ…

Tai Tokerau Climate Change Project Regenerative Agriculture, New Zealand – Permie Flix

Source: Tai Tokerau Climate Change Project Regenerative Agriculture, New Zealand – Permie Flix

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Australian Beer Prices set to Double Due to Gl…

Earlier this week Nature Plants published a new paper Decreases in global beer supply due to extreme drought and heat

The Scientific American has an article “Trouble Brewing? Climate Change Closes In on Beer Drinkers” with the sub-title “Increasing droughts and heat waves could have a devastating effect on barley stocks—and beer prices”. The Daily Mail headlines with “Worst news ever!…

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Global Warming’s Golden Opportunity | Open Min…

Global Warming’s Golden Opportunity | Open Mind

Opportunity knocks, but not often. Right now, it’s knocking loud and long.

That opportunity is renewable energy. There are many forms, including solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuels. There are certaintly challenges, including energy storage, deployment, and efficiency. Yet despite the challenges, costs are plummeting while installations are muliplying. The race is on: whatever nation or nations…

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Henry David Thoreau’s 160-year-old notebook sh…

Henry David Thoreau’s 160-year-old notebook shows us just how fast global warming is coming — Quartz

A cherry blossom blooms in the autumn season along Meguro River in Tokyo, Japan, October 18, 2018. REUTERS/Kwiyeon Ha - RC18E1F364F0
Japan’s cherry blossoms bloomed in Autumn in 2018 amid a confusing climate


By Michael J. Coren

Deep inside an aged notebook, philosopher and nature writer Henry David Thoreau gave us a key to tracking climate change. Most readers know of Thoreau from his books Walden and Civil Disobedience, but his field notes, unpublished and overlooked for more than a…

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World hunger rose for the third straight year …

World hunger rose for the third straight year thanks to climate change — Quartz

A windmill lies on the ground in a drought-effected paddock on farmer Scott Cooper's property named South Park located east of the town of Gunnedah, in New South Wales, Australia, July 21, 2018. REUTERS/David Gray SEARCH "AUSTRALIA DROUGHT" FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH "WIDER IMAGE" FOR ALL STORIES. - RC1F898FDB50
Harvest of the future. (left)

By Michael J. Coren

A warming climate is having a profound effect on humanity’s ability to feed itself. Higher temperatures are dramatically changing where it’s ideal, or even possible, to grow staple crops, especially in the tropics. More extreme weather makes crop failures more likely.

That’s already made global warming a reason for…

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