Aquaponic Farming with Kids! – English 100

Aquaponic Farming with Kids! – English 100


By Meghan Anderson

Put simply, aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics (growing plants in water instead of soil) and aquaculture (raising fish). By combining these processes, you create a closed-loop system, meaning the only input to the system is the food for the fish. In return, the fish waste is fertilizer for the plants.

Why Teach Science at Home?

Children learn by…

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Beekeeper Story, After the Fires – Suzanne Rad…

Beekeeper Story, After the Fires – Suzanne Radford


Blog Fire 1Beehives burnt or overcome with smoke. There weren’t any human fatalities but 70 homes were lost along with wildlife and livestock. Thousands of bees were lost. [LEFT]

Honey is a big part of the culture in the Serra De Monchique region with around 1,500 beekeepers. Many are hobbyists and keep bees and produce honey for their own use and for some it is a business. The…

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This ancient biomaterial making a 21st-century…

This ancient biomaterial making a 21st-century comeback could change millions of lives | Under The Banyan


Women in Uganda sewing barkcloth pieces together. Credit: BarktexAcross the tropics, people worked out long ago how to transform fig tree bark into comfortable cloth—the practice could even predate weaving. In Uganda, such barkcloth has served as a symbol of protest, a form of money, and the exclusive raiment of kings and queens. It has been suppressed by religion, colonialism, and war, yet the tradition has persisted. And now…

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Allotments are for Life not just for Summer! –…

Allotments are for Life not just for Summer! – humbugshouse


It was a cold blustery morning on Saturday and definitely Welly weather on the allotment as it had been wet over the last few days.

We appear to be a damp plot as mushrooms had appeared on our bark paths. Makes up for the summer drought!

It wasn’t too wet under foot but Mr C said he hit the water level as he dug up some parsnips. Our plot m…

Source: Allotments are for Life not…

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December Garden Tour – Paul’s Patch Broad Bea…

December Garden Tour – Paul’s Patch

Broad Beans – sown in October and planted out Mid-November after clearing pumpkins. A quick mid month garden tour to bring you up to speed on the current state of affairs down on the patch.

Mindzilla – Knowledge Portal (Beta): ‘Sun in a…

Mindzilla – Knowledge Portal (Beta): ‘Sun in a Box’ would Store Renewable Energy for Grid

By Mindzilla

Graphical Abstract of thermal energy grid storage using multi-junction photovoltaics. Image: Amy, C et al. Energy & Environmental Science

MIT engineers have come up with a conceptual design for a system to store renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, and deliver that energy back into an electric grid on demand. The system may be designed to power a small city not just…

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Disaster Zone – Highclere

Disaster Zone – Highclere

So today Mrs Highclere wanted to top off the lawn with the new electric mower. She pushed it across the lawn and I went to town to join the library and do some shopping.

On return, the removal of a set of shelves was the designated task for the afternoon. Shelving and its backing removed revealed that they had been painted around at least twice. This w…

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147. Monsanto, Cheating and Rural Self Image |…





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Monsanto behind papers declaring their pesticides safe – Natural Revival Health

Journal corrections on glyphosate review confirms what we’ve been saying for years: Monsanto released ghostwritten papers declaring supposed “safety” of their pesticides.

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei and Goldman, Consumer attorneys: Lawyers: CRT Correction of Glyphosate Review Only Tells Half the Story.

Expression of Concern

The Ecology of Weeds: episode 127

New podcast episode from WORLD ORGANICNEWS!

147. Monsanto, Cheating and Rural Self Image

147. Monsanto, Cheating and Rural Self Image

This is the World Organic News for the week ending the 17th of December 2018.

Jon Moore reporting!

Decarbonise the air, recarbonise the soil!

This week the news for Monsanto, now part of Bayer continues to be unpleasant. Unpleasant because the questionable actions of Monsanto when it was an independent company. As with these things, I like to find the original article but let’s start…

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Open Top Flame Cap Biochar Kiln. – Tinker’s Bl…

Open Top Flame Cap Biochar Kiln. – Tinker’s Blessing

by singledoubt

Tom builds an open top biochar kiln.

This past weekend I attended a fascinating biochar seminar put on by the Tilth alliance and Washington State University. The presenter, Kai Hoffman-Krull did an admirable job outlining the advantages of adding biochar to garden soil. But the highlight of the seminar for me was the demonstration of an open flame top kiln for making biochar. I…

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