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#Macs #puppy #Sheepdog #Crystalex http://bit.l…

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September 25, 2018 at 09:09PM

#Macs #training #sheepdog #livingthedream http…

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September 25, 2018 at 08:53PM

#Macs #training #sheepdog #livingthedream http…

#Macs #training #sheepdog #livingthedream

#Macs #puppy #Sheepdog #Crystalex http://bit.l…

#Macs #puppy #Sheepdog #Crystalex

Urban Farming | subsenergy


Urban farming is when traditional farming such as growing food, bee keeping and raising animals or fish is practiced in urban areas. This can be within or around cities and in villages. In recent years urban farming as become more popular due to environmental awareness and a demand for organic food.

Benefits of Urban Farming

Urban Farming in sustainable – 

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Why Urban Farming ? | JahTarCreations

Why Urban Farming ? | JahTarCreations


As more of us begin to understand our food system, more of us seek to have more input into how food is grown, how it is treated after being harvested and how it moves from one place along the food route to another. People have begun to understand how far food travels, and that they, as the consumer, have had no say in what is grown or how it is grown. Urban agriculture can change…

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[We] Got Worms! – Tumbleweed Soul

[We] Got Worms! – Tumbleweed Soul

I grew up in a family that composted for a while and then began feeding almost all of our food scraps to the laying hens in the backyard. We didn’t often have food that went into the garbage. That’s one of the things I struggled with the most when I moved out. Why did I have to take out my garbage so often? Why did I have to throw away something that coul…

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Making a Worm Farm with Roxie D! – Roxie D.

Making a Worm Farm with Roxie D! – Roxie D.

by ROXIE D. 

I went ahead and made a worm farm/Vermicompost bin! Check this video out. It’s the first I’ve made using all Linux tools. [Gimp, OpenShot Video Editor]

I bought some red worms a couple of weeks ago for fish bait. I didn’t use them all so I figured I’d put them in my fridge and see if they’s last another we….

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The world needs death and decomposition

The world needs death and decomposition:

Thanks to a new study, scientists now have a better way to investigate decomposing plants’ and animals’ contributions to the ecosystem.